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Networked Intelligence for Development
is a network of independent development consultants and adult-learning specialists who apply web-based learning, mobilization and advocacy with communities seeking to manage local sustainable development.

We provide advice and know-how on a range of human, social and economic development concerns with a particular emphasis on the strategic interests of women and marginalized groups. Established in 1997 with a commitment to promoting economic and social equity, we work with a wide spectrum of communities at different levels in developing countries, primarily in Africa and the Caribbean.

Our mission is to harness new media, to enable people to tell their own stories, to celebrate their creativity and to enable them to take action through informed choices and decisions that affect their lives and identities.

The sectors that we especially focus on include:

  • Open and distance adult learning using hybrid teaching and learning models (virtual and real);
  • ICT applications and policy in rural development, agricultural livelihoods and small enterprises;
  • Media policy, legislation and capacity building in developing countries;
  • Small scale diversity farming, organic farming, local food security and climate change;
  • Policy, program, project and investment decisions of multi-lateral agencies in environment and climate change management.

Our Principles and Approach and Training.